About Us

The Hellenic Conservatives’ Network (D.I.E.SY.) is a Pressure Group that aims the promotion of the ideals of Hellenenic Conservatism.

Conservatism in Greece is a concept that has a negative perception and connotation since, since 1974, the post-political political system has been the focus of the left. The result of this logic was that Conservative values were marginalized and that the typical Center-Right was self-censored through the looking glasses of left-wing obsessions. We are here to change this and prove that Conservatism is not… Conservative.

The aim of D.I.E.SY. through its articles, events, public intervention in the political life of the country and the publication of books is:

  • The highlighting of the National Identity as a modern form of Freedom and Collectivity.
  • The highlighting of individual and economic Freedom towards any form of Communism.
  • Promoting a demanding and creative Foreign Policy.
  • The Delusion of Entrepreneurship and Private Initiative.
  • Decentralizing powers to the Nation – States and to individuals.
  • The promotion of a Network and Confederal Europe and not of the European Union.
  • The Networking of All Healthy, Democratic, Conservative Powers.

Raphael A. Kaliviotis

Founder and Coordinator of D.I.E.SY.